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Helldog is the Artist

not just photo/videographer.

  Include the shooting, in the shooting,

  You can also ask about directing part, too.

* Can talk in English 

* Based in Seoul, South Korea. But,

   can go anywhere abroad

* Liberated from the traditional Korean mind (😂)

" HELLDOG  i=s  Outstanding "

  1. Outstanding Quality as photo/video

  2. Outstanding Directing as artist

  3. Outstanding Conversation for the outstanding result


Contact ?


  T. +82 10 2899 9724

  E. helltographer@gmail.com 

Portfolio ?


  Look around this website’s categories

  And if you're looking at this website as Korean,

  Set to English through the button of top of this website.

•  Studio location ?


  Seoul, Korea

  (10-15min’ walk from Hongik Univ. station Exit 3)

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Art Director / Photo&Video-grapher

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HELLDOG(Kim Sihyeok) | helltographer@gmail.com

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